South Peak Veterinary Hospital Veterinary Services to the Saugerties Area

At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of veterinary services which include:


New Puppies and Kittens

We provide care for the new addition to your home. We recommend all new puppies and kittens are brought to us right away for a thorough check-up. We will discuss any needs your pet may have, including their personalized nutrition plan, deworming and vaccination needs. Preventative medicine should start right away to ensure that your pet gets started on the right paw. Don’t forget, microchipping is an important first step as well, in the event that you should be separated from your pet at any time during their life!

Your pet’s first visit with us will include plenty of time for us to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s care. Since each pet is an individual, their needs will be unique. Our team is very careful to learn as much as possible about your pet’s circumstances before determining a course of action, that’s why a personal visit with one of our veterinarians is so important!

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Preventive Pet Care

At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of preventive care options for the health and wellbeing of each of our patients. We recommend annual visits for a thorough physical examination, as well as for vaccinations, intestinal parasite exams, heartworm tests, blood screening for older pets as needed, and a variety of other screening options.

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Geriatric Pet Health

Each pet is different. Some pets require senior care earlier or later than others, so there isn’t an age when every pet becomes a senior. Regular annual visits throughout a pet’s life are important in order for us to determine when a pet may have reached middle age. The team at South Peak Veterinary Hospital provides geriatric care, from nutritional counseling based on lab test results that indicate a pet’s needs, to tailored vaccinations based on each pet’s lifestyle. We recommend senior pets come in for twice yearly exams because we will be better able to catch health problems if we examine an older pet on a more frequent basis. Some health problems often identified in older pets include arthritis (for which laser therapy is often prescribed), thyroid problems, obesity, and more.

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Exotics and Pocket Pets

The team at South Peak Veterinary Hospital is equipped to offer complete care to exotics and pocket pets. We provide nutritional counseling, medical care, preventive health care, and surgery to a variety of exotic pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and ferrets, in addition to birds and reptiles. In some cases, vaccinations are offered as well. We encourage exotic pet owners to schedule visits with us so that we can discuss each pet’s individual needs with you.

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Pet Surgery

South Peak Veterinary Hospital provides surgical services for our patients. We are a small animal surgical hospital that provides the most up-to-date anesthetics, monitoring, and equipment. We use a variety of surgical methods as well. Some of our surgical offerings include soft tissue surgery (including spay and neuter surgeries) and some orthopedic surgeries. We also provide post-surgical pain management which may be in the form of pharmaceutical treatment or laser therapy.

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Radiology and Ultrasound

South Peak Veterinary Hospital has offered digital radiology to our patients for more than five years. We use digital radiology because of its many benefits to our patients, including less radiation exposure, the ability to retrieve detailed imaging faster, and the unique ability to email images to specialists anywhere in the country for a second opinion.

We also provide ultrasound for diagnostic purposes. We have an ultrasonographer specialist who can perform and read ultrasounds by appointment. Please ask us for more details.

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Dental Health for Pets

Dental care is a very important part of your pet’s overall health. At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we provide comprehensive dental care, including oral examinations, tooth cleaning, dental x-rays, tooth extractions as needed, oral surgery, and care for patients with periodontal disease. We also provide follow-up dental appointments with our technicians so that you can learn about home care methods for helping your pet keep a healthy mouth. Some of these may include anti-tarter diets, toothpastes, gels, and more. We’ll be happy to answer any dental questions you may have about your pet.

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Pet Boarding

At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we provide boarding services to both dogs and cats, as well as pocket pets. Our exotic boarders generally include rabbits and guinea pigs. We have indoor runs as well as an outside nature trail for our dog guests to walk. We don’t charge extra for walks, and all dogs get outside at least twice a day.

Clean and soft bedding is changed daily for pets, and each pet has his or her own separate food and water bowl to ensure sanitary conditions between pets. We provide Purina EN, a sensitive stomach diet, in both wet and dry, but we recommend that you bring your pet’s own diet if they have special needs. For your benefit, we have qualified caretakers able to administer your pet’s medications, if needed during their stay, for an additional fee as well.

Our services include both overnight boarding and day care services. Please contact us for prices and availability.

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Pet Laser Therapy

We employ the use of a Companion Laser for a surgery-free, drug-free, non-invasive treatment of pain and decreased mobility. We use our laser therapy for a variety of applications, including:

...and more. Laser therapy is often prescribed at the discretion of your pet’s veterinarian after a physical examination has been completed.

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Pet Microchipping

Statistics show us that without an ID, 90% of pets that are lost never return home. Microchipping is a very important way to ensure that you and your pet are reunited in case of separation.

At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we use the HomeAgain microchip because it is internationally recognized. The microchip insertion is a relatively painless procedure that can be completed in the office. We provide paperwork to get your pet’s microchip registered right away.

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At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of laboratory diagnostic services for your pet. Our results are completed faster because they are determined in house. We can have the results of a patient’s complete blood profile in only 30 minutes. Some of the tests we conduct include:

...and more. For our patient’s care, we also partner with several national labs for diagnostic testing.

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Pet Grooming

We provide grooming services for the convenience of our patients. We provide:

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Pet Pharmacy

For your convenience, we maintain an in-house pharmacy that stocks the majority of medication needed for immediate dispensing, including:

...and more. We carry a broad range to suit your pet’s immediate needs.

We are also able to make special medicine preparations for pets that are difficult to treat, like small exotics, and we provide a variety of flavored pill pockets for dogs and cats.

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On-Site Pet Crematory

We understand that saying goodbye to your pet is never easy, and we offer compassionate services to ensure that the process is not more difficult than it has to be. We have an on-site crematory and can provide both general and private cremations. We also provide containers for your pet’s remains, or we can use a special urn that you have chosen yourself. We’ll be happy to provide more information about those options for you, if you have questions.

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At South Peak Veterinary Hospital, we have a retail area where we sell a variety of products that have been handpicked by our team for your pet. The products we sell include:

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